The Amazon Tupana Lodge is a small jungle hotel with 14 rooms with a very charming atmosphere. The rustic architecture has been carefully planned to preserve nature and specially to adapt itself the environment, but still with the purpose to offer comfort during your stay in the Amazonian Rainforest. The lodge offers the following facilities: reception, restaurant service offering local as well as international dishes, bar service, electric energy 110vts.

178 km south of Manaus in the middle of the biological reserve of the Tupana River an ecological Paradise, an area which is very rich in fauna and flora, where we can find a large variety in water birds, mammals, reptiles, and during specific times of the year also a excellent place for sport fishing.

The trip to the hotel begins with an adventure passing by the meeting of the waters where Rio Negro and Solimões - the two major rivers of the Amazon meet to form the mighty Amazon River, followed by a travel on road for 178km on the BR 319 that connects to the famous Transamazônica (the first road that connected the state of Amazonas to the rest of the country, but unfortunately today is partly destroyed). During the trip to the Amazon Tupana Lodge you will be able to view a very rich scenery with large quantities of Vitoria Amazonia and birds.


The transportation interacts with vans and speed boats all comfortable and with all security equipment and operates as follows:

PARTE 1: 07:00h Depart from your hotel in Manaus to the port of the Ceasa (20 min)
PARTE 2: Depart from the Port of Ceasa to the Vila do Careiro in speed boat passing by the meeting of the waters (20 min)
PARTE 3: Vila do Careiro to Rio Tupana. During this part we will have the opportunity to photograph Vitoria Amazonica (2:30h – highway BR319).
PARTE 4: Rio Tupana to the Amazon Tupana Lodge by our own boat. (20 min).


(06) STANDARD - equipped with fan and private bathroom with view to the garden.
(04) SUPERIOR – equipped with fan, chairs, veranda and private bathroom with view to the Tupana River
(04) BANGALO – equipped with fan,chairs, veranda and private bathroom with view to the forest.

¤ The packages include: Transfer Manaus - Amazon Tupana - Manaus, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), itinerary as described in the package with guides speaking: Portuguese, Spanish and English.
¤ Prices do not include: drinks (water, juice, soft-drink, alcoholic drink or other), travel insurance, extra expenses or services not mentioned as included.
¤ What to bring: Comfortable clothes, long pants, short pants, socks, tennis shoes or boots for rainforest trails, swimming suit, sun lotion, flash-light, binoculars, repellent, sun glasses, hat or cap and rain gear.
¤ The electricity is 110V supplied by diesel engine between the time 12:00h to 15:00h and 18:00h to 08:00h.
¤ Bathrooms are not equipped with hot water.
¤ Communication: Globalstar Satellite for emergency.
¤ Payment method at the Hotel for extras expenses: cash only (Reais, dollar or Euros).
¤ Average temperature, year around medium: 28°C
¤ Dry period on the Rio Tupana: June to January.
¤ High-water period on the Rio Tupana: February to June.
¤ Provision: Most f the provision comes from our own plantation or is obtained from the locals of the area.
¤ Limitation of baggage: 10kg per person. Preferable bags without hard shell (excess baggage can be deposited in our Manaus office without extra charge).


Km 178, BR 319 Margem esquerda, Rio Tupana
Manaus - Amazonas - Brasil
Fone: +55 (92) 99221-5499 / REJANE (92) 99109-2118 / REBECA (92) 99433-0821
Escritorio Manaus +55 (92) 3347-5435 (horário de 08:00h - 17:00h)