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The trip to the hotel starts with an adventure through the Meeting of the Waters of Rio Negro and Solimões – the two largest rivers of the Amazon that form the great Amazon River, followed by the 178 km road route on the BR 319 that connects the famous Transamazônica (first road Which linked the state of Amazonas to the rest of the country that is now partially deactivated).

Transportation: Transportation interchanges vans and speedboats with all safety conditions as follows:

Part 1: 07:00 departure from the hotel in Manaus to the Port of Ceasa (20 min.) By vehicle

Part 2: Departure from the Port of Ceasa to the Villa do Careiro in a speedboat by the Meeting of the Waters (20 min.).

Part 3: Careiro village to the Tupana River by vehicle.

Part 4: Rio Tupana to the Amazon Tupana Lodge. Motorized canoe (20 min.).

Km 178, BR 319 Margem esquerda, Rio Tupana
Manaus – Amazonas – Brasil
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